Prison Ministries

A segment of the population, by design and attitude, is forgotten and can use the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Scripture indicates that no one is beyond redemption which includes prison inmates.  Paul is the example of service in Christ who spent much of his adult life incarcerated.  He can teach us much on what the gospel can mean to those behind bars on how to live a God directed life.

The information in the recordings is also helpful, to inmate families also suffering, on how to assist not only their recovery but also the inmates.  Pastors can also use the instruction as part of a biblical approach to aide its members in jail and their families.  Defense attorneys, judges, and the probation officials can find these recordings as a sincere and legitimate avenue for referral those arrested and worked through the legal system. Integrated living situations, half-way houses, will find the information relevant and useful  And lastly, where does the person being released on probation or sentence completion find information to help integrate him/her into society which surely will be more difficult? Remember, if the gospel of Jesus Christ can work in early Christianity with Paul’s epistles used as a teaching model amidst a world of great resistance, it can work today in any prison setting.  All the glory should go to God.

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