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A Reflection of god’s Nature
Dr. Ramsey’s singular purpose focuses on timeless belief — the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. He establishes the case for Christianity as a valid religious concept able to compete on the market street of religious ideas. He further re-presents the Bible as a book of fact and not fiction based on work of Dr. Robert Witty.

Appealing to the negative ideas attached to Christianity, Dr. Ramsey offers an alternative approach to understanding the Bible as secular literature while presenting God’s nature front and center for imaging expectant behaviors of obedience — a huge conundrum resolved. He further confronts Bertrand Russell, a Humanist, by illustrating human wisdom cannot compete with God’s wisdom. In general, what Christianity and the Bible offers humanity is a smoother path toward living life imaging our behavior after Christ in divine love.

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scan0003Conciliar Modeling & Church Unity
by Rev. Douglas C. Ramsey, M.A. Signature Publication

Certain people can enormously impact a society in quiet ways and through gentle leadership. One such person, from a small rare group of religious leaders, was Dr. Samuel McCrea Cavert, whose contributions to ecumenism in the twentieth century were both national and global–General Secretary, National Council of Churches and Federal Council of Churches and Executive Secretary, World Council of Churches. He might have gone unnoticed were it not for his writings and work at the church council level, all furthering the message of Jesus Christ in a turbulent, fragmented, and deeply schismatic world.

I knew him as my grandfather, and as a boy I hardly comprehended either his vision or his courageous and patient work for world religious unity. My focus on his achievement will promote the “conciliar model” as a tool for the church today. Samuel Cavert believed in a literal Kingdom of God and that it would appear on this earth. He believed for the duration of his career that the church work we engage in can further the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth. I invite you to share his vision.

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Book CoverSalvation Truck Stop
Faith Fuel for the Road
by Rev. Doug Ramsey

“Doug’s book is an interesting and humorous true to life book about and for over-the-road truckers. It is the first book I’ve ever read that gave positive compassionate definition to America’s truck drivers and their daily challenges. As you read this entertaining book, look for golden nuggets of truth that jump off the pages. They will cause you to laugh, to really think or both.”

– Dr. Donald W. Struble, President, National Conservative Christian Church

“This is a practical, honest, sympathetic, and moving story of a trucker’s life. It is a rare look at the professional trucker’s life and the accompanying desire for spiritual meaning. No book, to my knowledge, honors the professional truck driver like this book, nor is there one which makes informed biblical, theological, and practical suggestions for how ministry for the trucking professional can be accomplished.”

– Coleman C. Markham, Ph. D., Professor and Chair of Department of Religion and Philosophy, retired Barton College, Wilson, NC

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