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With the recent Supreme Court rulings on same sex marriage, we see another threat to the Christian traditions as our secular society is having success and more attempts to demonize the Christian’s ability to promote and practice the faith.  Fellow believers are looking for a measure of hope through education on how to either strengthen a faith commitment or start afresh as a newly repentant to develop a budding new faith relationship.

Furthering the opportunity to increase our knowledge and love for Christ should require a library about the faith.  Christian ministries often lack a sufficient quality library as a foundational resource. Small group ministries, home churches, struggling churches, older and dying churches, planter churches, and other ministry groups would benefit greatly from an educational based library to assist new members as well.  Wilson Bible Institute has a program that not only offers online audio course lectures from world class professors but also a certificate program that rewards those furthering their knowledge of the Christian faith.

Wilson Bible Institute is offering a course of biblical study online in affiliation with Trinity College of the Bible.  These courses at the college level consist of audio lectures by qualified PHDs and college professors. These courses can lead any student to a 2 year degree Certificate of Biblical Studies which can be credited to a four year degree and higher at Trinity College of the Bible. It is very affordable and can be duplicated to a group’s membership and congregants.  An affordable library is within the hands of small groups or individuals who find an opportunity to increase their love and knowledge of our Savior with a Bible institute education available and affordable at their disposal. It is indispensable to necessary Christian ministry today.

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